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Web design: corporate identity, graphic


unique design is more expensive, but also involves designing from scratch, completely unique design for a specific order. Depending on the professionalism and/or company policy web designer or develops the idea and the design concept completely independently, or receives a number of requirements (color, style, etc.), expectations and ideas from the client or creative Director (art Director) and tries to stay in this direction when designing the layout. Most customers mistakenly equate a web designer and web master, charging him and publication of the site.

Sometimes the designer may propose a design decision based on the templates (or even strangers), it speeds up the work and will cost the customer less. Some designers even specialize in the manufacture design layouts for sale as ready-made templates, which can then be purchased and used by less experienced designers or webmasters for production of typical sites (in fact, without a unique design). Sometimes the development of web design is called a small reflow and adaptation of such a template for a specific order.

The end product of the work of a web designer is a design layout: image to represent the expected future appearance of pages on the site, measuring approximately 960x640 px (pixels) - the size corresponding to the average standard associated with the need for further binding to different screen resolutions of the monitor. This picture is multi-layered, where, at the discretion of the designer, almost every detail in a separate layer applied to other layers-pictures, which can be easily controlled modification, substitution, repackaging, and other tasks. Depending on the ideas and goals, the layout may include photos, complex collages, illustrations, text layers, unique icons. For the main page and sometimes internal individual layouts are drawn with additions or changes in accordance with the subject of the page.

Museum of history of Kiev
Logo and style for Museum of history of Kiev

Series of posters of the Festival of New Music
a Series of billboards New Music Festival "Ear"

website of the Ukrainian Fashion channel
TVI Ukrainian Fashion

Website official importer of premium alcoholic drinks Pernod Ricard
Website official of the importer premium alcoholic drinks Pernod Ricard

Club card and style to WOW!Club
Club card and style to WOW!Club from Ukrtelecom

Website wholegrain product Ecolab (preview)
the Website wholegrain products the company Ecolab

Calendar of Gazbank for 2013
Calendar of Gabbana 2013

Promotional campaign irons and steam systems PHILIPS PerfectCare
Promo irons and steam systems PHILIPS PerfectCare

IllustrationConvergence" for the project Agency kaFe

the Logo and style data center
Logo and style data center "Green"

Illustration to the Vacancies section for TeenSpirit (preview)
the illustration to the section Jobs for Studio video production TeenSpirit

Website of the international festival
the Website of the international festival of Jazz Koktebel

Frisbee Gotcha! Sausssage
Frisbee Gotcha! Sausssage

Flying disk Gotcha! Pumpkin
Flying disc Gotcha! Pumpkin

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